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Custer county Activities

home of the cowboys & cowgirls


Custer county Activities

home of the cowboys & cowgirls

Custer county Activities

home of the cowboys & cowgirls

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1 year ago @ 7:45AM

Miles City will host 2020 Boys and Girls Southern C Divisional Basketball Tournament


Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce would like Congratulate the local hotel owners, as well as the Staff of Custer County District High School.  Several years ago, Miles City instituted a Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID), with the blessing of the local hotels. Simply put, those within city limits participate by contributing $2.00 per-room stay.  This fee goes to the TBID, as allowed by State Statute, for marketing Miles City, with the Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce as the marketing agent.

Since its inception, the TBID has worked in conjunction with the Activities Department at CCDHS to help the District recruit tournaments, and activities that bring visitors to Miles City.  Visitors equate to revenue for both the city and the school district. There is a very competitive nature involved in hosting tournaments, as well as, a tremendous amount of local manpower to manage these large events. It takes a concerted effort of the district personnel, and members of the community, to make them happen.   With the help of the TBID, we have been able to “Zero Bid” many of these events. This means that the up-front money needed to bid these tournaments is paid, before the event, so the school is not at risk for the finances of the tournament. Although a great benefit, it still does not cover all the associated needs for running these types of events.  

Historically, Miles City has been the home of the 4-C Basketball Tournaments, both Boys and Girls. We lost that tournament several years ago, and since, have learned the economic impact that loss had on the businesses in town.  CCDHS has always done everything in their power to assure that we continually play host to the 4-C, and thankfully, we have since gotten it back. In the past, we have also won the bid for the Southern-C Divisional Tournaments, hosting either the boy’s or girl’s tournament.

This year, the Montana High School Association changed the dates of the Class-C State Tournament, thus making it not possible for CCDHS to host the Southern-C Tournament.  This is another piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked. Along with hosting these tournaments, the staff at CCDHS must also keep the sports programs, and the school, running smoothly.  We have our own teams on the road, as well as the band, cheerleaders, and associated supervisors for all. As you can see, they spread themselves extremely thin during tournament time.

So, with all that said, I would like to congratulate the Staff of CCDHS for being awarded the combined Boys and Girls Southern-C Divisional Tournament, for 2020.  With 16 teams participating, it will take all-hands-on-deck to make this work.

This is where the community comes in!  There are many functions we can all help with to make these events run smoothly, and to assure that when it comes to awarding these tournaments, the city of Miles City stays solid in the minds of those making that decision.  We take on this challenge during our own Class-A Tournaments, while maintaining that the Cowboys and Cowgirls, and their support groups, stay at the highest level of performance, which has become a standard at CCDHS.

So, when approached by the Activities Department, whether as a fan, business person, or a private citizen, please step up to help.  They are doing a great job of bringing people to our community.

Remember, out-of-town money helps pay the local bills!  

John Laney, Executive Director
Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce

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